Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[12wbt] 2013 Round 4 Day 11

So just under two weeks into the next round of 12wbt. I can't say my first week has been too positive, being thwarted by travelling for work and then spending the weekend catching up with friends in Melbourne. 

It started with a chicken pie on the flight from Sydney to Melbourne worth a whopping 488 calories. Boy am I happy that I at least enjoy the exercise and pumped out a 60 min run around the Tan with hubby (I did two laps and he did three in the same time, the bugger). Anyhoo, no dwelling because new week = new chances to make yourself proud!

On a positive note, I do feel some changes taking place in my mindset. After travelling back to Sydney on Sunday evening and not being able to get to the shops - we decided to grab some fish and chips for dinner on Monday night. I'm usually a "face-stuffer" when it comes to eating junk food. Perhaps I feel like I'd need to wait too long before I can get my hands on it again, I keep eating, even when I am full. So while Monday night was fish and chip night, I had a small win where I put my food down before finishing it because I was full and really didn't need anymore. Score one for me. 

I didn't track my calories past day two last week as I was hoping to, but here are my stats from this week so far:

Week 2 / Day 1 / Monday's Stats:
Calories Consumed: 2305 (estimated)
Calories Burned: 1350+301 = 1650
Total deficit / surplus: +654

Week 2 / Day 2 / Tuesday's Stats:
Calories Consumed: 1221
Calories Burned: 1350+280 = 1630
Total deficit / surplus: - 409

Week 2 / Day 3 / Wednesday's Stats:
Calories Consumed: 1343
Calories Burned: 1350+350 = 1700
Total deficit / surplus: - 357

While I talk about moving on, I still do feel some guilt about last week and wish that I had stronger will power. But as the motivational memes say, wishing doesn't get you anywhere. You gotta do. Hopefully, I'll do better. 

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