Thursday, December 5, 2013

Good Day / Bad Day

There are some days where I wake up and I just feel good. Not much could possibly go wrong to destroy my day. Today (so far), has been one of those days.

It started when I got to work and was making myself some tea. I was trying to multitask and moved my cup and ended up with hot water all over my fingers! Under the tap it went for a few minutes. Then on and off during the morning I'd pop it back under the water or apply some ice as and when it felt hot. 

Then, it was lunch time. My colleagues were both working from home today so I diverted the phones to them and headed out. Great! The local sandwich shop had my favourite special - a cajun chicken schnitzel with bacon burger. I place my order and wait patiently for my food to arrive. As I'm waiting, it dawns on me that I have left my keys in the office. The locked office. I text my colleagues to let them know before heading back and hoping that the tenants in the other office upstairs are there. I remember one of them coming in the morning, but I also remember hearing him leave. 

I ring the doorbell and nothing. I send him a text - will he be coming back. "No sorry", says he. What else is left to do. I call a locksmith. This has happened to us in the past. Fortunately, the entire office had headed out for a team meeting and no one brought their keys so the expense was charged back to the business. This time it was just lil ol me and it was going to put me $120 out of pocket. 

"Be there in 20 to 25 minutes" said the locksmith. "Sure thing", said I. And then as I waited on the porch of our office, I decided that despite my mishap in the morning and the fact that I was going to be significantly poorer, I wasn't at all upset or bothered. Both things were bad but the day was also good and it could've been much worse. It was a quiet day work wise, which was great. The sun was shining and there was a gentle cool breeze as I consumed my favourite sandwich special from the local sandwich shop. It wasn't raining and I wasn't cold or hungry. All in all, I want to say, good day.


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