Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[12wbt] 2013 Round 4 Day 11

So just under two weeks into the next round of 12wbt. I can't say my first week has been too positive, being thwarted by travelling for work and then spending the weekend catching up with friends in Melbourne. 

It started with a chicken pie on the flight from Sydney to Melbourne worth a whopping 488 calories. Boy am I happy that I at least enjoy the exercise and pumped out a 60 min run around the Tan with hubby (I did two laps and he did three in the same time, the bugger). Anyhoo, no dwelling because new week = new chances to make yourself proud!

On a positive note, I do feel some changes taking place in my mindset. After travelling back to Sydney on Sunday evening and not being able to get to the shops - we decided to grab some fish and chips for dinner on Monday night. I'm usually a "face-stuffer" when it comes to eating junk food. Perhaps I feel like I'd need to wait too long before I can get my hands on it again, I keep eating, even when I am full. So while Monday night was fish and chip night, I had a small win where I put my food down before finishing it because I was full and really didn't need anymore. Score one for me. 

I didn't track my calories past day two last week as I was hoping to, but here are my stats from this week so far:

Week 2 / Day 1 / Monday's Stats:
Calories Consumed: 2305 (estimated)
Calories Burned: 1350+301 = 1650
Total deficit / surplus: +654

Week 2 / Day 2 / Tuesday's Stats:
Calories Consumed: 1221
Calories Burned: 1350+280 = 1630
Total deficit / surplus: - 409

Week 2 / Day 3 / Wednesday's Stats:
Calories Consumed: 1343
Calories Burned: 1350+350 = 1700
Total deficit / surplus: - 357

While I talk about moving on, I still do feel some guilt about last week and wish that I had stronger will power. But as the motivational memes say, wishing doesn't get you anywhere. You gotta do. Hopefully, I'll do better. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

[12wbt] 2013 Round 4 Day 1

And so we start another round of the 12wbt challenge. It was apt that I would see this picture in my facebook feed yesterday morning. 

I do love this quote - it reminds us that it's not about what we've done, but what we're doing about it now. 

So, there's no need to worry about what I did and could have done in Round 3 of the 12wbt because here we are onto Round 4! 

I have to say - I don't think the first week of this round is going to go well! I'll be travelling down to Melbourne for work tomorrow and will be there for the weekend as well. There's a work dinner tomorrow night, followed by an all day conference on Thursday and working from the Melbourne office on Friday - which probably means takeout. Hubby is flying down on Friday evening, we'll have dinner with the in-laws, followed by a weekend spent catching up with friends over meals.

So the goal is to be good until tomorrow and then to be sensible while I am there. Aiming for about 2.5% loss if I can!

Monday's Stats:
Calories Consumed: 1399
Calories Burned: 1350+397 = 1747
Total deficit / surplus: -348

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

[12wbt] Let's go again!

So we have come to the end of 12wbt 2013 Round 3. Before the round started, a colleague of mine got a DEXA Scan and I thought it would be a great idea to do the same before the round and one more again after the round. Well, today I had my second scan and I have to say that I am very surprised by the results!

I can't say that I've stuck to to food component of the program all that well - even after three rounds, my willpower to say no to stuffing my face with greasy goodness is still pretty weak. But I kept to the training program almost to the T, missing out on couple of weeks due to sickness. It was only in the last six weeks of Round 3 that I really buckled down and tried to stick to the meal plans. Even then, that usually meant being saint-like from Mondays - Thursdays and being pretty lax on the weekends. 

But overall, DEXA Scan says 1.5kg fat loss and 1.2kg muscle gain, which resulted in an overall 2.5% fat reduction (24.9% from 27.4%). Nothing to sneeze at and imagine what could be achieved if I was actually that little bit more disciplined with my eating. 

So, I'm all signed up for 12wbt 2013 Round 4. I have a 4 week holiday squeezed in there so here goes to getting bigger and better results and becoming more disciplined in order to achieve the goal!

xoxo me